Billbergia Nutans "Tears of Joy"

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Billbergia Nutans "Tears of Joy"

Remarks: This Billbergia Nutans Tears of Joy can be placed as a houseplant in a light position, not in full sun. It can also be kept as a garden plant. The Billbergia Nutans Tears of Joy can tolerate light frost, down to -3 °C. Provide the plant with extra protection in case of severe frost. Billbergia Tears of Joy blooms in late spring with special pink bracts and striking blue flowers. The dark green leaves are elongated and grow up to 30 cm long.

Billbergia Nutans originates from the wooded area of Brazil. This very beautiful bromeliad species grows there in the trees and also on the ground. The roots of the plant ensure that it attaches to the trees.

This Billbergia Nutans "Tears of Joy" likes a semi-shaded place. During the growing season from May to September, you can fertilize the plant lightly every 4 weeks with, for example, cow manure pellets or PlantGrow.

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