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Orders placed after October 6 will ship between October 26 and November 2.
Orders placed after October 15 will ship between November 9 and November 16.
Orders placed after October 20 will ship between November 16 and November 23.
Orders placed after October 28 will ship between November 23 and November 30.



 All European orders are shipped from the Netherlands.

Latest products

Hoya Imbricata Hoya Imbricata Height: Up to 120 cm. (climming plant)…
€ 69,95
In stock
Philodendron Red Heart Philodendron Red Heart 24 After arrival of your Philodendron…
€ 69,50
In stock
Monstera Dubia Monstera Dubia ATTENTION: Monstera Dubia will be sent as a…
€ 98,50
In stock
Syngonium Pink Spot XL Cutting We ask you to read the text below carefully before ordering…
€ 49,50
In stock
Dischidia Vidalii / Kangaroo Pouch Dischidia Vidalii / Kangaroo Pouch Height: Up to 120 cm.…
€ 12,95
In stock
Huperzia Phlegmaria Huperzia Phlegmaria Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 1 cm Height:…
€ 59,50
In stock
Zamioculcas Variegated Hybrid Zamioculcas Variegated Hybrid Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 10…
€ 89,50
In stock
Aglaonema Suksom Red Aglaonema Suksom Red Aglaonema Suksom Red is sent as plant…
€ 49,50
In stock


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