Kokodama with Tillandsia Nr 002

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Kokodama with Tillandsia Nr. 002

Kokodama with Tillandsia, Kokodama pendant 25 cm. diameter.

Kokodama with Tillandsia: this beautiful Kokodama pendant is filled with different types of Tillandsia / air plants. The Tillandsia is mounted on gray floral foam, this floral foam does not absorb water so that the Tillandsia can dry properly. Every pendant is handmade and there can always be small differences.

A kokodama hanger is a type of hanging plant pot made from coconut fibers. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional hanging baskets, because coconut fibers are biodegradable and do not contain harmful substances.

Kokodame hanging pots have a natural look and are often used for hanging different types of plants, such as hanging succulents, ferns and climbing plants. They are popular in both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be a beautiful addition to your interior or garden.

Tillandsia care:

The Tillandsia uses little water and mainly gets its moisture from the air through its leaves, which contain small leaf scales. You can spray your Tillandsia once a week with Tillandsia spray. If you do not have a Tillandsia spray at home, you can also use water. It is important that the Tillandsia can dry thoroughly before you water it again.

The Tillandsia is not demanding on its location. As long as it is not placed directly in bright sunlight. Tillandsia cannot tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees.

Tillandsia plants, also known as air plants, belong to the Bromeliaceae family and are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America.

They are known for their unique ability to grow without soil and can draw water and nutrients from the air.

The history of Tillandsia plants dates back to the ancient Inca civilization in South America. The Incas used these plants as decoration and as part of their spiritual rituals. They believed that the plants had special meaning and that they brought luck and prosperity.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Tillandsia plants were discovered by European explorers and botanists. They were collected and introduced to Europe, where they quickly became popular as exotic houseplants.

Tillandsia plants were prized for their unique appearance and the fact that they require little maintenance. Today, Tillandsia plants are still popular as houseplants and are also used in terrariums and as decorative elements in flower arrangements.

They are available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small air plants to larger specimens with striking flowers. Caring for Tillandsia plants is relatively easy. They do not need soil, but should be regularly sprayed with water to ensure sufficient humidity. In addition, they can benefit from indirect sunlight and should be protected from extreme temperatures.

All in all, Tillandsia plants have a rich history and are still loved for their unique properties and decorative value. They add a touch of natural beauty to any room and are an interesting choice for lovers of special plants.

This beautiful Kokodama with Tillandsia pendant was specially made by Matthijs Hazeleger for Nelumbogarden.

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