Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle

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Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle

Leaf: Leaves reach a length of 10 to 20 cm

Height: This Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle can reach a height of 10 up to 30 cm.

Comments: Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle is a lovely houseplant or on the patio in summer. Streptocarpus is native to humid warm and wooded areas. It remains small in size but is a real eye-catcher with its colors. It is an easy indoor plant that should be placed in a light, sunny position. Keep the soil slightly moist and you will enjoy this beautiful Streptocarpus for a long time.

Care of Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle:

The soil around the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle should be moist at all times. Make sure that there is no layer of water on the bottom of the planter, the so-called wet feet. Water that is out of reach of the roots can rot, this rot can then penetrate into the plant and cause it to rot.

We do not recommend spraying a Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle. Since the plant is in a sunny spot, the water droplets on the leaves can act as a magnifying glass and cause burning.

Place the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle in a sunny spot in the living room or on the terrace, this Streptocarpus does not tolerate temperatures below 10 degrees.

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