Cordyline Australis Charlie Boy

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Cordyline Australis Charlie Boy

Leaf: Leaves reach a length of 50 to 80 cm

Height: Up to 150 - 175 cm.

Remarks: Cordyline Australis Charlie Boy is a very beautiful Cordyline has very beautiful pink leaves. This beautiful shrub is frost resistant up to - 5 and can be placed in a pot or in full ground. In very severe frosts, we recommend protecting the plant by, for example, placing a plant cover over the plant or placing it in a cool place.

The Cordyline Australis Charlie Boy prefers to be in a place with sun. They have a strong preference for nutritious soil that contains sufficient lime, preferably clay or loam soil. Sufficient moisture is necessary during the growing period. In winter, the ground must drain smoothly. When you give the Cordyline Australis Charlie enough nitrogen fertilizer and in the early spring an organic fertilizer (for example dried cow manure) you get a beautiful fast growing shrub.

Always cut away the lower leaves that have died off, so it will form a trunk in a short time.

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