Adenium Obesum White Large Size 

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Adenium Obesum White Large Size 

Pot size 23 cm.

Height: Up to 40 cm. Adenium Obesum Red grows with a caudex, its trunk will become increasingly thicker

Remarks: Adenium Obesum is a very nice Adenium. she has a very nice gray / green caudex with green leaves. Like every caudex plant, she has a rest period in which she will drop all her leaves, even if she moves, she can lose some of her leaves. During leaf loss or rest it is important that the plant receives little water.

Adenium comes as rooted plants as shown in the photo. A limited number of plants are available. Each plant is unique and plates can differ from each other.

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Regarding the care of the Adenium, it is important to know that it is a drought-resistant plant that thrives in warm and sunny environments. It is essential to provide the plant with well-drained soil and water moderately. Excessive watering can lead to root rot.

In addition, the Adenium Obesum needs regular fertilization during the growing season to stimulate healthy growth and flowering. It is also advisable to prune the plant to maintain its shape and size.
The Adenium Obesum, also known as the Desert Rose or the Impala Lily, is a succulent plant native to Africa and the Middle East. This plant is known for its thick trunk and beautiful flowers that often come in shades of pink, red and white.

The history of the Adenium dates back to ancient times, where it was cultivated by various cultures for both decorative and medicinal purposes. In many African cultures, the Adenium Obesum is still used for ritual and healing purposes.

Each Adenium is different from each other in its unique shape and growth habit.
These beautiful Adenium plants have been specially selected for Nelumbogarden