Urginea Maritima, Sea Onion

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Urginea Maritima, Sea Onion

Height: Up to 80 - 120 cm.

Comments: Urginea Maritima, Sea Onion is a very beautiful Urginea, it has beautiful white colored flowers.

Care Urginea Maritima, Sea Onion:

In the autumn, pot your Urginea Maritima in well-drained soil. Place 2 thirds of the bulb in the earth. Place the potted Urginea Maritima in a warm and light place. Limit watering until the first shoots are visible (the soil must not dry out). After leaves start to form and the bud becomes visible, you can always start watering carefully.

Urginea Maritima is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The Urginea Maritima is suitable for placing in a pot and can tolerate a few degrees of frost in dry conditions. When the plant is dormant, you give almost no water, but as soon as the plant starts to grow you can give it a little more water. After flowering you can let the plant rest. You can stop watering as soon as the leaves have turned yellow and you can cut them off.

Urginea Maritima has been specially selected by Matthijs Hazeleger for Nelumbogarden.

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