Xanthosoma “Nelumbogarden Twist”

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Xanthosoma “Nelumbogarden Twist”

We are proud to present this new hybrid Xanthosoma "Nelumbogarden Twist" is exclusively available with us.

The first sale of 10 plants starts 21-04 this is a pre-sale plants being delivered around mid-August.

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 100 cm

Height: Up to 150cm.

Remarks: Xanthosoma "Nelumbogarden Twist" is a very beautiful Xanthosoma that is completely new and not available anywhere. She has beautiful green leaves with yellow / orange bronze surfaces. A fantastic color for an accent on the terrace or in the living room

Xanthosoma “Nelumbogarden Twist” is expected to be sent from mid-August as rooted plants between 40 and 70 cm.

Shipping times may differ due to weather conditions.

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