Bletilla Striata Pink Rhizome

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Bletilla Striata Pink Rhizome, Winter Hardy

Bletilla Striata Pink Rhizome is delivered as shown in the photo.

Comments: Bletilla Striata is a very beautiful Garden Orchid that blooms with beautiful flowers. This beautiful garden orchid is frost resistant and can be placed in a pot or in open ground. In case of very severe frost, we recommend offering the plant some protection by, for example, covering the soil or placing the pot in a cool room with a maximum temperature of 7 degrees.

Leaf: Leaves reach a length of 20 to 30 cm

Height: Up to 30 - 50 cm.

Flowers: This Bletilla Striata has beautiful flowers, its flowers reach a size of 3 to 5 cm.

The Bletilla Striata prefers a place with several hours of sunshine per day. They have a strong preference for nutritious soil that is well-drained. Sufficient moisture is necessary during the growth period. In winter the soil must drain smoothly.

Whichever variety of garden orchid you plant, the shoots will emerge from the ground with the first rays of sunshine in spring. They slowly unfold their floral splendor, which you can enjoy for weeks. The perennial plant continually produces new shoots underground, so you can expect more fairytale flowers every year. Even in the darkest place in your garden.

Bletilla Striata Pink was selected by Matthijs Hazeleger for Nelumbogarden.

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