Nelumbogarden Water lily fertilizer balls 100 gr.

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Nelumbogarden Water lily fertilizer balls 100 gr.

Content: Nelumbogarden Water lily fertilizer balls 100 gr., approx. 25 tablets. For a 35 x 35 pond basket you need approx. 8 tablets at the same time. The first dose straight after planting is 4 tablets.

Our Nelumbogarden Water lily fertilizer balls 100 gr. have been developed in co-operation. Our fertilizer is unique as it is already effective at low temperatures. In early spring nutrients are already released to your water lily rhizome. Many other fertilizers only release nutrients when water temperature is over 19 degrees. In that case, your water lily will grow slowly.

Our fertilizer balls have a N.9 P.13 K.8 composition and contain many trace elements such as Cu (cupper) which results into less algae growth. Our fertilizer balls are 100% safe for all living creatures in water. The water lily fertilizer balls are extremely suitable for Nelumbo / lotus and other water / shoreline plants as well.

Mid-March you can start using Nelumbogarden water lily fertilizer balls 100 gr. You use 1 tablet per 3 litres Lelite water lily soil. You put the tablet around the rhizome, fully covered by soil. Our fertilizer balls have a reduced release. You fertilize your water lily every 2 months until the end of August.

Our Nelumbogarden water lily fertilizer balls are suitable for Lotus and Tropical water lilies as well. These plants need 1 tablet per 2 litre soil from April to the end of August.

For the best result we recommend our Nelumbogarden water lily fertilizer balls 100 gr and Velda Lelite water lily soil

Lelite liter Water Lily Soil

Lelite is a nutrient soil that has been composed especially for water lilies. It contains blue loam and dried fenlland peat. Owing to the special and light structure of the mix Lelite allows sufficient oxygen to prevent the roots from choking. Also as a result of the minerals and trace elements added, a duly throughrooted ball of soil will form and healthy growth of the lily involved will be the result.

The development of a water lily depends for a great part on the substrate in which the radical tuber / rhizomes has been planted. A strongly developed radical tuber / rhizomes will form healthy leaves and produces many flowers. Lelite has been specially composed by Velda to allow your water lilies to flower in the best possible way. Lelite contains the most important building materials for optimum growth, formation of leaves and flowers. The light composition of the product provides proper water circulation along the radical tuber rhizomes, whereas the blue loam added will stimulate strong root growth. Advice for use: make use of a spacious aguatic plant basket. In case you use plastic aquatic plant basket use our Hessian Square Liners  to prevent the soil from being washed out and cover the ball of soil with rinsed gravel or substrate.

Hessian Square Liners does not release toxins to the water. The use of other materials can release toxic substances. Toxins can result in a too high nitrate value causing algae growth. Algae growth has a very negative effect on the growth and development of your water lily.