Nymphaea "Rubra"

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Nymphaea "Rubra"

Flower color: Nymphaea "Rubra" flowers with pink / red  flowers, Nymphaea "Rubra" is a water lily that blooms in the twilight and night.

Flower diameter: 12 to 15 cm

Water depth: 20 to 40 cm

Leaves: Nymphaea "Rubra" has oval red / brown leaves. 

Remarks: Nymphaea "Rubra" is an evening night-flowering species. He produces a pleasant smell in the evening. It is best to place it in a tub in full sun.

Tropical water lilies will be delivered from May / early June until the end of August / September

Care for tropical water lily/rhizome Nymphaea "Rubra" 

Your tropical water lily Nymphaea "Rubra" is sent without soil and will be packed in moisture-containing material. Upon receipt of your plant or rhizome you will first put it in a bowl of water. Attention: Don’t use too cold water, min. 18 degrees, the right temperature for the plant/rhizome to strengthen. 

The next day you can plant your tropical water lily Nymphaea "Rubra". Take a pond basket (19 x 19 cm), fill it with water lily soil and slightly press it (never put your water lily in potting compost or sharp sand). Make a pit or groove for your rhizome and put it in the pit; the growth point should protrude above the soil. Cover the rhizome with a bit of soil. Never put heavy stones etc. on the rhizome as it will get damaged. You can cover the inside of the basket with jute to prevent the soil from washing away. 

In the first few weeks your tropical water lily Nymphaea "Rubra" will strengthen. The leaves might die back. Tropical water lilies grow fast and new leaves will arise soon. 

After these first few weeks the leaves will rise to the surface. Tropical water lilies prefer a sunny place. Preferably, you put it in a tub or bowl on the terrace. If desired, you can use a heating element to heat up the water (max. 24 degrees). The warmer the water, the faster the water lily will grow and bloom. 

As soon as your tropical water lily Nymphaea "Rubra" starts growing more and more old leaves will die back. Their colour will change from yellow into brown. Discoloured leaves will fall apart and can be removed by means of scissors / water lily tongs. Nevertear the leaves off, as the rhizome will get damaged. Flowers that have finished flowering will disappear under water. You may cut them as well(never tear them off). 

As soon as you notice roots (roots grow out of the basket) you can start fertilizing your water lily. Only use water lily as it doesn’t harm other living things in the water. Slightly press the fertilizer with your fingers (depth: 4-5 cm). Cover it with a bit of soil, to prevent it from floating. The result? Your water lily will bloom and grow better. As soon as the leaves start growing you will fertilize for the first time. Mid-August you will fertilize for the last time. The amount of fertilizer depends on the size of your basket. Check the product description! 

By the end of the summer your tropical lily Nymphaea "Rubra" will start resting. It will grow less faster and you will hardly notice leaves and flowers anymore. Later on (mid/end September), your tropical water lily will fully rest. All leaves will die back.

As soon as the outside temperature is under 12 degrees you should put your tropical water lily inside. As soon as all leaves have died back you remove the rhizome from the soil. You remove rotten plant parts, so you will have a clean rhizome. You store it in moisture-containing material such as perlite (sterile). Don’t use any materials that might cause mould. Store the rhizome on a warm spot (12-15 degrees). 
Tropical water lilies are delivered between May and the end of August. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our telephone number is +31-(0)344-643082). You can also make use of the contact form.

Nymphaea "Rubra"


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