Mestoklema Tuberosa Nr 1

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Mestoklema Tuberosa Nr 1, pot size 27 cm

This Mestoklema Tuberosa has an unique number. The plant in the photo is the plant we will ship. 

Remarks: Mestoklema Tuberosa is a beautiful caudex plant.

The Mestoklema Tuberosa likes little water, but it is important that the soil does not become petrified. With an excess of water (wet feet) root rot can occur. The Mestoklema Tuberosa likes a light place. This plant can be placed as a houseplant or in the summer on the terrace as a garden plant. It does not tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees. The Mestoklema Tuberosa can be fertilized once every two months in the summer months with a light fertilizer. Fertilization is hardly necessary in autumn and winter. Growth then slows down and the plant consumes few nutrients. 

Mestoklema Tuberosa plants are sensitive to too much water. 

Shipping times may differ due to the large quantity of orders and weather conditions. During the cold months we send our plants with a Heat Pack if needed. We keep a close eye on the weather forecasts. 

Due to the large quantity of orders, adding plants to existing orders is not possible.

ATTENTION; We pack and ship our plants very carefully, damage to a leaf or discoloration is not covered by the guarantee.

Nelumbogarden packs and ships its plants very carefully. We use sturdy cardboard boxes and pack with kraft paper. It is possible for soil to fall out of the pot or a leaf to break during transport. We do not guarantee these two points. We ask you to open the box carefully and not with a knife or sharp object. Carefully remove the (kraft) paper. Some plants lower their leaves in the dark, these are restored within a few days. Due to changes in the season, the plants may differ from the plant shown in the photo.

Our company does not work with chemical pesticides. We pack our plants in recycled material and limit the use of plastic to a minimum.