Dieffenbachia "Crocodile"

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Dieffenbachia "Crocodile"

The Dieffenbachia "Crocodile" is a very beautiful and extremely rare species, it is almost not available. We are proud to have it in our range. The plants are in stock and restore the import. The plants are delivered after ordering around the end of June. A few plants are available.

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 35 cm

Height: Up to 150 cm.

Remarks: Dieffenbachia "Crocodile" is a very beautiful Dieffenbachia that is almost impossible to find. she has beautiful dark green leaves with brightly dry spots. The underside of its leaves are serrated on the grain. A lust for the eye.

Dieffenbachia "Crocodile will be sent as fully rooted plants as shown in the photo. A limited number of plants are available.

Shipping times may differ due to weather conditions.