Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegata

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Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegata

Leaf: Leaves reach a length of 5-7 cm

Height: Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegatacan reach a height of 150 to 175 cm

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegata is a very beautiful Hibiscus that blooms with red flowers. This beautiful plant is suitable for indoor use in winter and as a container plant on the terrace in summer. The Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegata cannot tolerate temperatures below 10 degrees.

The Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegata prefers a place with a few hours of sunshine a day. They have a strong preference for nutritious soil. Sufficient moisture is required during the growth period. In winter, the ground must drain quickly.

After flowering, cut off the faded flowers just above the new growth. An adult Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Variegata that has grown too large or whose branches are too high can be pruned. Prune the oldest and thickest branches back to the desired shape in late autumn. Use sharp pruning shears for this.

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