Aglaonema Suksom Red

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Aglaonema Suksom Red

Aglaonema Suksom Red is sent as  plant as shown in the photo. Plants can differ from each other. After arrival, the plant needs a rest period of at least 2 months. The soil must remain moist and must not dry out. The plant should not be repotted in any other pot or soil mixture during this period.

Shipping times may vary due to the large crowds and weather influences

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 35 cm

Height: Up to 60 cm.

Remarks: Aglaonema Suksom Red" is a very beautiful Aglaonema, it has beautiful  leaves. 

Aglaonema Suksom Red will be sent as fully rooted plants as shown in the photo. A limited number of plants are available.

Shipping times may differ due to weather conditions.