Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian"

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Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian"

Flower color: White / cream single flowers with dark pink borders.

Flower diameter: Up to 15 cm.

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 40 cm

Height: Up to 90 cm.

Remarks: Beautiful medium Lotus with single cup shaped flowers.

This Lotus is sold as rhizome and can be ordered from now on. Rhizomes are delivered at the end of March, April

Care Lotus Plant / rhizome Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian" :

We send your Lotus Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian" as a plant that has its first growth points or as a rhizome without dirt and packed in water-retaining materials. After your Lotus plant or rhizome has arrived, you shouldplace it in water. If this concerns a rhizome, youshould first place it in a bowl of water until the first small leaves show up. It’s best to do this indoors or in a greenhouse, so the temperature remains high.

After several weeks, you can plant your Lotus rhizome Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian". Use a circular!! pond basket for this, coated with jute, or barrel of at least 40 cm. For middle sorts. You fill the pond basket or barrel with about 20 cm of clay or water plant dirt that contains a high amount of clay. Slightly press the dirt (never place your Lotus in potting soil or sharp sand). Then create a hole or groove in which the rhizome of the Lotus fits. Place the rhizome horizontally in the groove and let the growth point stick out above the dirt. You can definitely not cover the rhizome with dirt. You can make a loop in the iron wire to slightly fasten the rhizome. Do not place any heavy rocks or the like on the rhizome, as it may get damaged. Now fill it up with water until the water level is equal to the dirt level.

As soon as the plant has formed leaves, you should place the Lotus Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian" in direct sunlight. Now make sure the pot ratio becomes one third of dirt against 2 thirds of water. You will see that the plant will quickly start growing and that it will expose its highly special leaves.

Once your Lotus Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian" has started growing, old leaves will also start dying off. You can recognise this from the leaves that start colouring from yellow to brown. Leaves that have coloured enough can be removed with scissors. You should definitely notpull off the leaves, as this damages the rhizome. Always cut off a Lotus leave above the water, never underwater!! A Lotus stem is hollow on the inside and could then fill up with water, by which the rhizome could start rotting. Dried-out flowerscan be removed in the same way as the leaves.

After the Lotus Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian" has started growing, you can also carefully start fertilising it. Use waterlily fertiliser cartridges or Osmocote for this. You can recognise a Lotus that is not or not sufficiently fertilised from the leaves becoming bright yellow. You can press the fertilisation cartridges about 4 to 5 cm into the dirt around the rhizome with your finger. Make sure the fertiliser is covered underneath a layer of dirt, this prevents it from floating. Fertilising your Lotus results in improved blossoming and growth. You stop fertilising around half of August, this way your Lotus has time to harden off for the upcoming winter. The needed amount of fertiliser per time depends on the format of the pond basket or barrel. You can find the needed number of fertilisation cartridges on the fertiliser’s product description.

At the end of summer, you’ll see that your Lotus Nelumbo "Xiao San Se Lian" will start its resting phase. It will grow less quickly and increasingly less leaves and flowers will come up. Later in the season, your Lotus will get in complete rest. You will see the leaves die off, you can cut off the dried-out leaves or flowers above the water again. During the winter period, you should take the entire Lotus and pot out of the water (Pay attention, the root ball should never dry out). You can place it outside down to 0 degrees. When it startfreezing, you can place it in a shed or storage. Also make sure the temperature will not get higher than 7 degrees, as this would stimulate it to start growing too early.

The Lotuses we sell are appropriate for our European climate. Lotus rhizomes are sent from the start of March up to the start of April. Lotus flowers are sent from April until June.

If you have any questions after reading this description, we would be happy to answer them. You can contact us by phone (+31(0)344-64-3082) or through the contact form. We are happy to help you by offering a customized personal advice.