Tulipa Ice Cream 5 pcs

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Tulipa "Ice Cream"

Contents 5 pieces

Height: Up to 40 - 50 cm.

Planting depth 10 cm.

Planting time from September to January

Flowering time April/May/June

Flowers: Tulipa "Ice Cream" has pink and white flowers. Its flowers reach a size of up to 8 cm. This beautiful new cross should certainly not be missing in your border.

Tulipa "Ice Cream" prefers a place with several hours of sun per day. They prefer nutrient-dense soil that is well-drained. Sufficient moisture is necessary during the growth period. In winter the soil must drain smoothly.

Whichever variety of our tulips you choose, the shoots will emerge from the ground with the first rays of sunshine in spring. They slowly unfold their floral splendor, which you can enjoy for weeks.

Tulipa "Ice Cream" was selected by Matthijs Hazeleger for Nelumbogarden.