Caladium Seafoam Pink Bulb

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PRE-SALE 2022 XXL Bulb 

ATTENTION: This is a Pre-Sale for delivery end of February / March 2022. Caladium tubers cannot be ordered in the Pre-Sale in combination with plants. If necessary, tubers are shipped with a Heat Pack. The size of the tuber differs per variety. Tubers are between 5 and 12 cm.

Caladium Seafoam Pink XXL Bulb

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 40 cm

Height: Up to 60 cm.

Remarks:Caladium Seafoam Pink is a very beautiful Caladium, she has beautiful leaves.

Care Caladium Seafoam Pink XXL Bulb :

In spring you pot your rhizome in well-permeable soil. You place the potted Caladium in a warm and light place. Limit the water supply until the first shoots are visible (the earth must not dry out). After you start to make leaves, you can start giving more water. As soon as the frosts have disappeared, your Caladium may be placed outside. In the beginning, we advise you to avoid direct sunlight and let the plant harden / get used to it first. 

At the end of the summer you can let the plant come to rest, you will no longer fertilize. Your Caladium will die off in the autumn. As soon as the plant has come to rest, you can remove the rhizome from the earth. You brush it gently and remove dead plant remains. You keep the rhizome in a cool dry and dark place.

Caladium Seafoam Pink is specially selected by Matthijs Hazeleger for Nelumbo garden IJzendoorn.